Give yourself a pat on the back – You did it!  You reached out to find one more way you can make your marriage different and much more special.

The Final Intimacy is…

6)  SPIRITUAL INTIMACY:  Does this surprise you?  Sharing a common bond on a spiritual level really takes our relationship literally to a whole new dimension.  There’s a ton in the Bible about God’s plan for marriage and the spiritual covenant he establishes through the marriage ceremony but for now, let’s just say:


He invented them both, so why wouldn’t he be a fan?

World’s View of Sex – Recreational play between 2 consenting individuals

God’s view of Sex – A fusion of a husband and wife at the deepest level.  What the Bible calls, 2 becoming 1.  God created sex to be a symbol of oneness, 2=1.

Because God’s view and the world’s view of sex are so different there is a ton of pain and hurt surrounding sex.  The world has minimized what God created to be sacred and the result is people feeling used and abused.

3 Purposes of Sex:

Procreation – “Be Fruitful and Multiply and fill the Earth.”

Pleasure – Use sex as a celebration of being 1 with each other and the intimacy you have.  As you grow in intimacy in other areas of your life as a couple, your sex life gets even better!

Protection – “Guard your heart” Use sex with your spouse to help protect one another from:

Temptation – affairs (emotional and physical) are rarely about sex.  They are usually about lack of connection with you partner and the slide to find emotional needs somewhere else.  “Don’t deprive each other … but come together so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”

Fornication – Sex outside of marriage.  “You are not your own, you’re bought at a price.”


Reconciliation is the best way to reconnect with your spouse.  Sometimes we need to reconcile with ourselves BEFORE we reconcile with our spouse.  First – Forgive yourself and then Forgive them

  • Repent- Ask God to forgive you.
  • Forgive – Ask God to give you strength to forgive them.
  • Break ties – Ask God to cut off the connection
  • Release – Give them or it up to God
  • Thanks – Give God thanks for setting you free.

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