We’ve written quite a bit about the importance of caring for yourself (or self-care) in previous blogs. And for good reason! In a marriage, caring for yourself means all the obvious things: eating healthy, getting enough exercise, being well-rested, etc. But on a deeper level, being intentional about self-care helps you achieve a healthy love for yourself so that you can then love others, too.


Caring for yourself first is not a selfish act! It’s actually the complete opposite. As you realize your feelings are being understood and matter to the people around you, you naturally relax and become more open and cooperative with others.

Ask yourself right now …

  • What do I need right now?
  • Are there things can I get from myself?
  • What do I need from others?


“Self-care is giving the world the best of you,
instead of what’s left of you.” — Katie Reed


Self-Care Quiz — How Would You Grade Yourself?

Take a quick look at the information below. How well are you caring for yourself in body, mind, emotions, and spirit?

Physical Self-Care

Mental Self-Care

  • Are you always seeking to learn new things, or are you disinterested in learning?
  • Are you bored with life?
  • Do you regularly exchange ideas with others or stick to yourself?

Spiritual Self-Care

  • Do you avoid prayer, pray occasionally, or constantly pray? In other words, do you consult God only for big decisions or in the everyday walk of life?
  • How often do you read scripture (never, sometimes, every day)?
  • How about your relationships with Godly people? (rarely, some, regularly)?

Emotional Self-Care

  • Are you emotionally numb, or do you use emotions to inform and guide decisions?
  • Do you fear feelings?
  • Can you accurately identify good and bad emotions (in yourself and others), or do you let them run rampant?


All we are saying here is that we tend to care more for others. And while that’s a great thing, ultimately, you can’t stop caring for yourself in the process. Your self-care must be treated as just as much a treasure as the other person is. Sure, there is a balance. However, both are important to living a healthy life.

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