Do you ever wonder,

“Could I be better at what I do daily?  Is there a way for me to get ahead in life that won’t take a year of therapy?”  Possibly….

Below is a 10 question quiz which will give you an idea of the skills of Emotional Intelligence.  This is not a comprehensive picture but merely a beginning.  The subject is vast – many books have been written on this subject (also called EQ).  These questions were designed by the author of Emotional Intelligence – A Practical Guide, David Walton.  I found it fascinating and hope you do to.  This could be the “Get Ahead Ticket” you’re looking for.


Average score for 30-50 year-old participants     – 65.

Average score for participants under 30              –  60.  I guess that means with age we get more EI.

There were not significant differences in the results for men and women so we might conclude that unlike many emotions, intelligence is something that is not gender specific– That’s interesting!

Like we said before, this is not meant to be a comprehensive measure of your existing level of EI, however this quiz is mostly designed to give you a sense of the skills involved in EI behavior and where some of your own strengths might lie.

Congrats for taking the quiz and watch over the next couple of weeks for more development ops in the EI arena.

Next week: How to increase your Emotional Intelligence!

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