“If you would just change I would be happy.”


“If you would just change I would be happy” Couples may not say it exactly in these words, but this is often the meaning or what it sounds like. At least the idea or concept in their heads is “if you would just stop (fill in the blank), I wouldn’t be so angry” or, “if you would (fill in the blank), we would get along better.” Think about it. When you point the finger at your partner and say if you would change I would be happy, you’re basically saying that your partner is the problem. And if you go just a little deeper you are saying they are also [...]

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10 Advantages to Using Assertive Behavior in Relationships


What is your approach to relationships? Most people don’t consciously think about their method or style of interacting with others. But I believe there are great benefits to making direct choices or decisions on how we communicate with others, especially if we want to have satisfying and rewarding relationships. Successful relationships are assertive relationships! When someone treats you unfairly, do you bring it to their attention? Do you generally express what you feel? Do you openly criticize other people’s ideas, opinions, and behavior? In assertive relationships each partner has the ability to express feelings and ask for what they want and need in the relationship. Assertiveness is an invaluable communication [...]

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