Top 5 Actions & Attitudes for Joy This Holiday Season

2021-11-04T21:54:08+00:00Mental Health|

The holidays are finally upon us. And for most of us, it’s a really exciting time. I say “most of us” because I can remember a time in my own life when the holidays were not something I looked forward to — not even remotely. I was in the food business for 25 years. And for all but two of those years, I was responsible for planning, inventory, ordering, and managing all the things it takes for people to have the huge holidays they expect and all the delectable goodies that come from their kitchens. So basically … the holidays were a massive headache for me. I didn’t like them. [...]

When was the last time you did a status check on your self-talk?


How has your self-talk been lately? Yes, that self-talk — where you talk about yourself to yourself, either aloud or silently. It’s okay; you don’t have to be ashamed. We all talk to ourselves. In fact, I just had some inner dialogue with myself a few minutes ago. But is your self-talk positive, affirming, and uplifting, or are you negative most of the time?    Many of us are pretty critical with our self-talk. Consider the following inner statements:    “I’m not good enough to be in the same room with these people. I don’t belong here.”    “My opinion doesn’t matter. No one cares about me.”    “I really don’t know why my wife stays married to me. I’m inadequate.”    [...]

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