Imagine Your Happy Family Holiday

2017-12-22T14:24:43+00:00Expectations, Family|

“If you knew my family you would understand”!! Recently I heard from a young woman who was sad and rather depressed about the holiday season. Her parents had passed away unexpectedly around Christmas when she young. The following years had not been happy experiences during the holidays. Her current husband’s family had some “real issues” including anger and alcohol. But family is family and she had to participate. “How can I enjoy the holidays rather than dreading them and making myself depressed”? Separation at the holidays from loved ones, a history of negative experiences and difficult people can make an otherwise joyful and celebratory holiday a real downer. But you [...]

Creating a Mental Refuge (i.e. a Happy Place)


A few years ago we had the privilege of experiencing Alaska. Alaska is a beautiful refuge of unspoiled beauty and tranquility. You can gaze for hundreds of miles in any direction without seeing one highway, one office building, or even one other person. Truly paradise. Frankly, before this trip I would have said that I was more of a sand and ocean kind of a girl, but this place proved to exceed my every expectation and then some. I was overwhelmed by the vast sense of peacefulness and the untouched beauty that stretches in every direction. It quickly became one of my “happy places.” Unfortunately, when you live in Texas [...]

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