When was the last time you did a status check on your self-talk?


How has your self-talk been lately? Yes, that self-talk — where you talk about yourself to yourself, either aloud or silently. It’s okay; you don’t have to be ashamed. We all talk to ourselves. In fact, I just had some inner dialogue with myself a few minutes ago. But is your self-talk positive, affirming, and uplifting, or are you negative most of the time?    Many of us are pretty critical with our self-talk. Consider the following inner statements:    “I’m not good enough to be in the same room with these people. I don’t belong here.”    “My opinion doesn’t matter. No one cares about me.”    “I really don’t know why my wife stays married to me. I’m inadequate.”    [...]

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5 Habits of Mind for Healthy Relationships! (Part 1)


Good mental health! It’s a statement we hear quite often, but the reality of what really constitutes it is sometimes illusive. For most of us, the interplay of our thinking, emotions and behaviors must be taken into account for good mental health. It is often our misunderstanding of the interaction of these three that can cause some conflict, confusion, or distress.  People’s thoughts and perceptions of events or words strongly influence their emotions and behaviors. […]

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5 Essential Steps To Personal Transformation

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What story are you telling yourself about yourself? Have you ever consciously thought about the self-talk you are creating? The story you tell yourself becomes what you believe, how you behave, and how you communicate who you are to others. Mike and I love Jim Gaffigan. He’s a master comedian and from what I’ve seen and heard, he’s a really funny husband/dad of 5 kids – who all live in an apartment in NYC. That’s enough material right there for several comedians I would guess. Jim has a wonderful bit about “myself.” It involves Jim going to the gym and seeing all the mirrors around the walls. Last thing he [...]

4 Strategies for Courageous Change


Do you ever dig up a shrub in your yard or empty a plant pot on your patio and not refill it immediately with another plant or soil? What happens in a few days? On my patio the hole will be filled with debris, leaves and maybe a few bugs in a very short time. The hole doesn’t stay empty; it fills up with whatever is swirling around in the breeze. Our lives are much like this. When our lives are functional but not as productive as we’d like, we may decide to make changes. When we decide to “get rid” of something that’s not working so well then it [...]

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