About 15 years ago, Susan’s parents were redecorating their home. They remodeled and bought new furniture and generally made some great improvements. That’s where the “green chairs” come in.

I was welcome in their cozy home even before I started dating Susan, and as long as I had been there they had always had this pair of not-quite-neon-green chairs. They were truly fantastic! Wide, soft, comfortable chairs that you just wanted to camp out in. And so we did! Often!

After we got married and moved away, we would travel back to their home for quick weekend getaways or vacations. We would sit together in those chairs enjoying the quiet of the mornings or just some alone time. And then after many years, at the time of the remodel, those green chairs became ours! They now sit in our den and are used almost daily. They are a focal part of our connection with each other, and also with friends and family.

Of course, it is not the chairs themselves that are so important, although they are very comfortable. They are important because they are a place for connection. Those green chairs (no, they are not the “in fashion” pieces of furniture that match our style) symbolize the peaceful place where connection has happened for many years, and for many different reasons and people.

The symbols of the Connection Place

These two not-quite-neon-green chairs represent for us:

  • Fun we have laughing with friends and family as we host get-togethers.
  • Baby and bridal showers where we have seen plenty of presents opened in those chairs.
  • Vacations and weekend activities that are planned there and have become realities.
  • Our morning ritual of connection that happens there- Coffee, Tea, Devotionals.
  • The knowledge that friends who have house sat for us over the years have found a time of personal rest for themselves in this place.
  • Conversations about our days’ events and plans for our future.
  • Concerns for our children, aging parents, business associates, and clients have been prayed for here.
  • Quiet time for a good book or for studying.
  • Bible studies with Godly friends means people who know to “stake their claim” early for those chairs!

You get the point. It isn’t about chairs. It is about having a place where you connect with each other. We all need that place for connection, where we feel at peace, or deal with hard things, or have fun and laugh with friends and family. I believe we all need that place in our lives. I know I certainly do. Our lives these days are hectic, busy, can be stressful, and sometimes chaotic and full of conflict. Waiting for a vacation, or even for retirement to roll around, is not enough time and space for us to relax, unwind, and find peace.

Do you have that place for connection? I hope so. Let us know how we can help!