To continue our conversation about The Father’s Heart this week, we will dive into the next two circles — Experience His Presence (Relationship) and Release His Kingdom (Purpose).

Quick Recap of The Father’s Heart!


The 3 Circles represent The Father’s Heart, which helps us understand who we are, who God is, and what we were created to do. As we’ve discussed over the previous two posts, there is a very specific way we should proceed through these circles. The gospel message, and God’s Heart for each of us, starts with “Receiving His Grace” – Identity, and moves us to “Experience His Presence” -Relationship, and we “Release His Kingdom” -Purpose in our lives.

Many of us mistakenly start with Circle 3, and we try to do all kinds of things for God that we think will help us earn our way into His presence and pay for the shame and brokenness of our past. This is often how we were taught and made to feel to be significant in God’s eyes.

But that’s not the case! We are already significant to God because of what Jesus did for us. Plus, we don’t have to struggle and strive. We can rest in who HE has made us to be and we can enjoy His presence.


View The 3 Circles by John Stickl of Valley Creek Church here.


“When we accept what Jesus did for us on the cross, He gives us our identity
as a person. We can now have a relationship with God, which is all He really desires
from us! And when we do that, we can live out our purpose in life.”


Circle 2 — Enjoying Our Relationship With God

As we start to receive God’s grace, and He subsequently changes our identity, we get to experience His presence and enter into a loving relationship with Him. After all, there is no barrier between God and us now. What was once a barrier of sin between God and me dissipated the moment Jesus came into my life, and I received His grace. We can now run straight to God and be as close as we want to be.

God isn’t a distant being. He doesn’t live in a temple made by human hands. He lives in our hearts and wants to fill each of us to the “all the fullness of the measure of God.” As a result, we are fully known, fully loved, and have no fear of rejection. God wants to have a relationship with us.


“I will be in you, and you will be my sons and daughters.”


Circle 3 — Release His Kingdom – Purpose

As I start to receive His grace and experience His presence, I can’t help but now release His kingdom.

He has restored my identity, and He’s reconciled my relationship with him. Now, He redeems my purpose.

Here’s what we mean by this: You and I were created to rule and reign with God. We work with God to bring His kingdom to this earth, and now we have the authority to reach into heaven and bring the realities of heaven to the brokenness of this world. The kingdom within you is meant to become the kingdom around you.

If sin management is the goal of our life, we are in danger of living a drastically inferior life when compared to the one God created for us. When you know what your purpose is, however, you don’t have to live a life full of burdens. Rather, you are at peace. You know you have purpose, and you know God is the one who satisfies you and fulfills your life.

As you start with Receiving His Grace and “get it,” it starts unleashing momentum and moving you deeper into The Father’s Heart and into the life of freedom that God has for you.


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