When the COVID-19 warnings ramped up in early March, most of us were leery about what was going on but, for the most part, remained optimistic that it was nothing more than a temporary blip on the “that’s life-o-meter.” As time went by, though, things got serious. People got sick, everyday freedoms were limited or lost, businesses closed, and everyone was asked to stay home. If you were like us, you couldn’t even watch TV without seeing more bad news.

As a result, you probably noticed overwhelming and erratic emotions swimming around in your head. One day, you’re hopeful about the future. And the next, you’re stressed to the max. Sound familiar?

  • Hopelessness and helplessness
  • Fear and dread
  • Physical and emotional exhaustion
  • Sleeping problems
  • Muscle tension


Anxiety is rampant, but not just because of the coronavirus. It’s become a way of life for many people — even people like us who let problems roll off our backs. The purpose of this blog isn’t to be a heavy reminder of what we’re going through. The idea is to provide perspective, infuse positivity, and to focus on what you’ve gained vs. what you’ve lost.

What filter are you choosing to see your life through? Gain or Loss?

You have a choice to look at things through a different filter. That’s not to suggest that you ignore everything that’s going on around you. After all, are the challenges you’re facing extreme? Sure! Have we all lost the freedom to play, travel, socialize, hug people, make money, and worship together? Yes! Does all of that sound unfair to you? Absolutely!


And yet, we bet you have gained a lot of things along the way, too.

Here are a few reminders:

  • An appreciation for your healthcare workers and first responders
  • Flexibility to do stuff (work, exercise, rest) in new places and new ways
  • An increased comfort level with more of your thoughts and feelings
  • Learning to be more resourceful and being aware of the resources God provides
  • More time to sleep, study, talk to your family, watch the kids play, call friends, work on a puzzle, etc.

In my practice, I’ve heard quite a few uplifting stories from people just like you who say they are going to keep certain things in their life when this is all over. Maybe they’re not going to run around as much, or they plan to be at home more. They’ve also learned a lot about themselves and the world around them, including:

  • That we as humans crave and deserve connection with other people
  • We need more margin in “normal” life than we’ve had before
  • Our relationships are more interesting and important than ever before
  • We’ve learned to be grateful rather than looking at regrets of the past

Can you see the divine in your current situation or circumstance?

One of the choices of filters we see life through can be a purpose. These times can make us all feel stuck! But Instead of feeling that you are stuck, ask yourself, “what’s my purpose?” What we DO can certainly change in these times. But who we ARE has not changed. We can still use the gifts, qualities, skills, and abilities God had given us.

Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Book of Mysteries, challenges us to see the divine in our current situation or circumstance and points to a whole different lens through which to see our current situation.

The Hebrew word Avanah in scripture is what we generally translate as humility. But the literal definition is to occupy your God-given space in the world. You don’t overestimate yourself or your abilities, but you don’t underestimate them either. You use what God has blessed you with -who you are- right where you are.

Wherever you are, and no matter how stuck you feel, you still have what God has given and blessed you with (character, gifts, skills, personality). So, you can still be purposeful and have a purpose, even when you don’t feel it.


All we are saying is that while the pandemic (and all the other chaos in our world) has been challenging, focus more on the positive, what you’ve gained, and who you can continue to be. Because while you cannot control what you’ve lost, you do have more control over how you respond in times of chaos. When you slow down enough to think of all of your blessings, the rest ends up falling into place the way that it should. Keep an eye out for several more blog posts on this topic. We’re excited to share even more with you.

Our heart is devoted to caring about people and marriages!

Our heart is and always has been devoted to caring about people. We want to ensure you have a safe and connected marriage. The best way we know how to do that is by spreading the word to more people and let them know that we are here.

What do you think? Do you have a safe and connected marriage? What are some ways you and your spouse have fulfilled your purpose together? Have you worked together to find the divine in your current circumstances? Have you both been able to acknowledge the losses, but also see the blessings in your life and share them together? Send us a quick email and let us know how you did it so that others can learn as well! mike@MikeandSusanDawson.com.