Focusing on the here and now pleasantness around us

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It isn’t necessarily easy to find the good in anything that’s going on in our world right now. News feeds are filled with loss and unrest because of the coronavirus, racial injustices, lost lives, and the political circus from all sides that naturally follows. And that’s just for starters. The easy answer that most people give — including Susan and me — is to take a deep breath and do your best to focus on the here and now pleasantness around us all.   But how, Mike and Susan?! Is this possible? Yes, it absolutely is. And maybe a little easier at this time as we focus on the freedoms [...]

We’ve All Experienced Loss in the Last 3 Months. But What Have We Gained?

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When the COVID-19 warnings ramped up in early March, most of us were leery about what was going on but, for the most part, remained optimistic that it was nothing more than a temporary blip on the “that’s life-o-meter.” As time went by, though, things got serious. People got sick, everyday freedoms were limited or lost, businesses closed, and everyone was asked to stay home. If you were like us, you couldn’t even watch TV without seeing more bad news. As a result, you probably noticed overwhelming and erratic emotions swimming around in your head. One day, you’re hopeful about the future. And the next, you’re stressed to the max. [...]

How to be Grateful for Opportunities vs. Overwhelmed by Responsibilities

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Let’s be honest.  This time of year is hectic and you may be overwhelmed by responsibilities! Travel – Shopping – Cooking – Cleaning – Perfect Gifts – More guests in your home I get it.  A lot is going on, and the expectations of the season seem to grow each year.  Why do we let ourselves get sucked into this whirlwind of responsibilities? THINGS THAT SUCK US IN My family always made a huge deal of the holidays, and it wasn’t done right unless everyone was completely exhausted and broke at the beginning of the new year. As a kid, we didn’t have much, and now that I’m more financially [...]

Are YOU Robbing Yourself of Today by Worrying about the Future?


Does it feel like you spend all of your time planning for the future? The next vacation Downsizing after the kids leave A job promotion or the next job Saving for the kids’ college education Retirement Traveling Long-term healthcare My mind and time seem to revolve around this future focus a lot. I’m not saying planning is bad, it’s necessary. But sometimes it seems to preoccupy my entire focus. Or I end up trying to fix a past mistake. That’s another circle of thought in which I can get trapped. How could I have done that better? What lesson did I miss in childhood that would have kept me from [...]

How to Sharpen Focus and Increase Productivity

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I have always loved space stuff and it has now showed me how to focus for increased productivity.  Everything from watching Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon (yes I was around back then) in 1969 to The Jetsons (original Saturday morning airings). I find the way the planets and solar system move and inter-relate fascinating. The recent solar eclipse was no different. Although we didn’t have a full eclipse here in Texas, it was still interesting to watch how so much about the day changed with this solar interruption. The temperature dropping, shadows changing, co-workers and neighbors all out on their lawns with the famous and now extremely cheap solar [...]

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