Have you ever noticed how some people are clingy and need constant validation or emotional connection with others they are closest to in their lives? That’s not to suggest that’s a bad thing, but on the flip side, maybe you personally don’t come across near as “needy.” Perhaps you’ve even accused yourself or been accused of being aloof, dismissive, and significantly less dependent on those connections.

These differing attachment styles or ways we connect or attach to others come from what is called attachment theory. Attachment styles refer to how we each relate to others in relationships and what we need or don’t need in those situations. For example some of us have a high dependence on others while others have a low dependence.


So … what does your connection with others look like?


Sure, dependency is an innate part of being human. The more securely connected we are, the more separate and different we can actually be. But not everyone shares that same level of dependency.

How do you see yourself and others?  Connection with Others

The chart above shows the views we have towards others in a positive or negative way and also how balanced we are in our level of dependence on them.

[Review Connection with Others Chart Above]

All we are saying here is that by taking a hard look at how you see yourself and the connections (or lack thereof) you have toward others, you will learn more about yourself and what you need most from your relationships.

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