Apologize Even When You’ve Done Nothing Wrong!


I had a friend who approached her husband with an issue not too long ago. She related to me she was calm, kind, communicated well and “did everything right.” She said he got defensive and said he was hurt by what she said to him. And so of course, then they proceeded to argue. “What else could I have done? I just don’t know how to talk to him sometimes.” My answer was: “Well, did you apologize? “What?” “Did you apologize? Did you say you were sorry?’ “What? Why would I do that? I didn’t do anything wrong!” I said, “could you just say you were sorry his feelings were [...]

The Definitive Guide to Success in Life

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I don’t know how many couples I have said it to: the key to making your marriage ‘work’ is willingness! It’s not researched data yet, but my experience working with individuals and couples would show that those who have an open attitude and a willingness to try will result in success. When people have a strong desire to make their relationships better, it rarely ever has to do with their personality, skills, or intelligence. The capacity to make relationships great is not “rocket science” or overly complicated. Competence is not the issue. The skills and types of intelligence necessary for healthy relationships, and even rebuilding and healing a relationship, can [...]